How to choose a professional host for your event

The success of an event largely depends not on the venue and the exciting show program, but on the person who will interact with the guests throughout the event.

The presenter influences the mood of the audience and the overall impression of the event. Today, the service market is overcrowded with such specialists, so it is important to be able to choose a presenter who meets the requirements of both the company and the event itself.

How to find a host for an event

An easy way to find a candidate is to go online. On forums, in thematic groups and communities there are a lot of specialists from whom you can choose the right one. But you need enough time and energy to evaluate everyone on their merits, so with limited time frames, the risk of missing out on a worthy candidate increases.

An equally popular way to find a presenter is word of mouth. You can turn to your acquaintances: friends, subordinates and partners will probably share positive or negative experiences. The method also has disadvantages: a presenter who made a positive impression on one company will not necessarily please another. Therefore, when requesting the contacts of a specialist, ask what format of the event he led: the same person is unlikely to be suitable for a sports team building and a business conference.

A universal option is to contact an event agency. The manager will ask a series of questions to select the most suitable candidate, taking into account the event format, budget and client wishes. The advantage of this method is that the presenters, working in conjunction with other agency contractors, already know how to interact with specific DJs, artists, sound engineers and lighting designers.

What you should pay attention to when choosing a presenter

Before you start searching for the first person of the event, you need to decide on the format of the event. Here are some recommendations to help you choose a candidate depending on the program:

  • active activities should be trusted to a person who maintains a healthy lifestyle and shares an interest in sports;

  • business conferences or presentations will be more effective in the hands of a presenter who can adhere to strict regulations;

  • It is better to entrust corporate events to a specialist with a sense of humor.

Once the format of the event has become known, it is necessary to decide on the budget. It plays an important role: the price range for presenter services varies from 20 thousand rubles to several thousand euros. The remuneration of an entertainer directly depends on his experience, but media personalities have the highest prices.

Some companies invite celebrity presenters to highlight their status and impress employees. Such financial costs are not always justified: often a media personality cannot cope with HR team building as well as an ordinary presenter can. The problem lies not in the lack of professionalism of the star, but in her specialization.

The event format and approximate budget can significantly narrow the pool of candidates. Next, you need to decide on the experience and skills that the presenter should have. Find out about them through a personal conversation or request photo and video materials from events.

Advice: Don’t trust videos made from event clips. The presenter can pick up the positive moments and hide the bad ones. So request the full video from the event and choose your own episodes to watch.

Willingness to sign an agreement confirms the candidate’s professional qualities. There are a lot of presenters in the event industry who work without completing the accompanying documents, but it is better to focus on who agrees to a safe deal.

Experts recommend starting preparations for the event 3-4 months in advance, especially if the event is planned on the eve of large-scale events: New Year, March 8, February 23, etc. This is due to the fact that popular presenters may be busy on dates closest to the holidays. When choosing a specialist to host an event, do not forget about his workload.

How to interview a presenter

When you have selected several candidates, arrange a personal meeting with them. First of all, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Appearance. For a public person, this factor directly affects the attitude of others. Regardless of the format, the presenter must look neat: have a neat haircut and wear clean clothes that match the mood of the event.

  • Grammatically correct speech. Listen to what and how the candidate pronounces: does he make phonetic errors, does he use jargon, filler words and obscene language, does he have speech defects or a clear accent.

  • Personal impression. Pay attention to details that complement the overall picture of the specialist. Your demeanor or gestures in communication will help you draw a conclusion about whether guests will be comfortable with this person.

  • Ability to improvise. No event is immune from force majeure. It is important that the specialist can take the situation into his own hands in time: relieve the tension with an appropriate joke or distract the guests while the organizers deal with the problem. Find out from the potential presenter whether there have been similar cases in his practice and how he acted.

  • Work principles. Find out from the candidate how he is used to acting at the event: obeying the organizers or being a co-author of the script and supplementing the original plan at the preparation stage.

  • Interests. If you can’t decide on a choice from several specialists, ask them about their hobbies, musical preferences and erudition. The candidate's advantage will be the fact that he will find mutual understanding with your guests in these areas.

Why do we need event organizers at all if you can immediately order a host?

A common misconception among clients is that the services of an entertainer include more than just holding an event. Believing that he will help seat guests, supervise waiters and other services, customers do not see the need for the services of the organizing company at the event.  

It is important to understand that the host is only involved in the entertainment program for the guests and cannot simultaneously control the work of the catering, the preparation of props and solve other organizational issues. In addition, many specialists refuse to cooperate without organizers because they want to do their work without being distracted by tasks that are not related to their activities.

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